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Applied Mathematics and Statistics Consulting Services

Benford Applied Mathematics of Salem, Oregon offers mathematics and statistics consulting and tutoring. I help firms and government agencies construct and estimate mathematical models, assist with thesis and dissertation preparation, subcontract for consulting firms, and provide math and statistics tutoring for college, university, and high school students. Click the “Services” link to learn more, or contact me at (503) 585-8977.

Mathematical Models

Develop mathematical models with assistance from Benford Applied Mathematics. I work with firms and government agencies to construct and estimate mathematical models of the real world.

Subcontracting Services

Benford Applied Mathematics offers subcontracting services for consulting firms who require some extra mathematical expertise.

Thesis and Dissertation Preparation

I can help if you are currently working on a thesis or dissertation that involves mathematical models or requires some statistical analysis. I have some professional credentials in biology and economics, but I can help in many fields.

Math and Statistics Tutoring

I offer math and statistics tutoring for college, university, and high school students. I can help both if you’re taking a math course, or if you’re taking a non-math course with mathematical or statistical content. I can also help with SAT and GRE preparation.

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Frank.Benford at

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(503) 585-8977

Email or call me to see how I can help you solve your problems.

Benford Applied Mathematics

About Frank Benford

I hold two Ph.D.s: one in Applied Mathematics and the second in Economics. I've worked as a computer programmer (at the Harvard Center for Population Studies), a professor of math, statistics, and econometrics (at several universities), and as an economist (at the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the Forest Service). I enjoy working with people with subject matter expertise to convert their intuitions into mathematical models.

More information about me is available on my LinkedIn public profile:Frank Benford